Filatelia Longobardi respects the clients’ privacy, and wishes to inform that the COLLECTION and process of the personal data is carried out in accordance with the decree law 196/2003, and with the sole purpose to carry out its own activity accordingly, and carry on a RELATION with the client within the assigned tasks.
Upon the client’s authorization, the data can be shared with a third party (i.e. banks) exclusively for the development of the commercial relationship, and within the TASKS entrusted by us. Please read the privacy statement bellow, according to which the users, who want to register online, will have to authorize the process of their personal data and their POSSIBLE communication.

Privacy – Notice pursuant to article 13 Decree Law 196/2003
Dear Customer,
In accordance with articles 1 and 13 of the Decree Law 30/06/2003 no. 196, which concern the protection of the people and the other subjects in relation with the processing of personal data, we inform that the ordinary personal data in our possession concerning you (provided in the past, as those that will be provided in the future) will be processed THROUGH CONSULTANCES for managerial purposes, the elaboration and any other processing operation of the law mentioned above, and of privacy obligations by which our company’s activity is inspired.

In accordance with article 13 of the decree law 196/2003, we would like to notify that:
The law in effect provides a series of obligations for who carries out “proceedings” (e.g. list, registration, elaboration, conservation, communication, expansion etc.) of personal data, which concern other people; the proceedings of your personal data, which we process and which we will ask from you, or that will be provided to us by you or a third party, is or will be carried out in order to execute countable obligations to form and maintain the commercial relationship with our company.

The data will be processed for purposes related to the business of our company, and especially:
-for preliminary requirements for contract agreement;
-to carry out an act or one or more settled operations;
-to carry out, in all public or private companies, duties connected or necessary for the contract; for marketing and communication activities;

The processing will take place with manual and/or mechanical and/or computerized systems adequate to store, manage and transmit the data, with reasons connected to the sole purposes, according to the data in our possession, and with your RESPONSABLITY to promptly send any corrections, addition and/or updates;
The following category of persons, manager or appointee, may learn about your data:
Administrative office or secretary operators;
Sales personnel;
Your data will not be exposed, meaning that they will not be shared, not will they be accessible for consultation.
Your data may, however, be disclosed by us to:
-external parties who perform specific tasks on behalf of Filatelia Longobardi;
-individuals who need access to your data for purposes auxiliary to our contract, within the limits necessary to carry out the auxiliary tasks (e. shipping agents; banks, for cash management and payments);
-to our consultants, to the extent necessary to carry their duties for our organization, our prior control of compliance with the requirements of the provision of the law on the protection of data (for example, accountants and other professionals);
-to individuals, public and private, that can access the data under provision of the law, of regulatory or Community legislative nature, within the limits set by such regulations;
If you refuse to provide such information or allow its use, therefore, its communication, it will become impossible to begin or continue a business relationship, therefore failing to communicate the data to individuals who carry out activities related to the contract; in addition, it will become impossible to initiate some operations, if the data are required for those operations.
In accordance with the general principles of the legislative decree, the data processing will be characterized on the basis of simplification and necessity.
We inform that article 7 of the Decree Law 196/2003 allows you to exercise certain rights, and more precisely:
-obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data that concerns you, even if not recorded, and the communication in a comprehensible manner;
-obtain information on the origin of the personal data, and the purposes and methods of their processing;
-obtain information about the logic involved in the processings carried out with the help of electronic devices,
-obtain the update, corrections or, if you are interested, the integration of data;
-obtain the cancellation, the anonymous transformation of data or the interruption of data processed in violation of the law;
- obtain the cancellation, the anonymous transformation of data or the interruption of data which are no longer necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
-obtain the certification that those to whom the data were communicated or disclosed, are aware of the update , correction , integration , cancellation, anonymous transformation or blocking , except in cases where this requirement impossible or involves the use of means clearly disproportionate to the protected right.
-oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of your personal data, even though they concern the purpose of their collection;
-oppose, in whole or in part, to the processing of your personal data with the aim to send advertising material or the direct sale, or to carry out market surveys or commercial communications.
We also inform you that the owner of the processing is Filatelia Longobardi Luigi, located in Corso Sempione 12, Gallarate (VA).
The parties, to whom the data will be communicated, will acquire the status of a processor, in accordance with articles 30 of the Decree Law 196/2003.
The owner is responsible for the reply, in case you exercise your rights under article 7 of the Decree Law 196/2003.
At any time, the client can freely access his/her own data to update them, modify them, complete them, or simply oppose to their use, for the formalities indicated above, by writing to Filatelia Longobardi Luigi,  Corso Sempione 12, 2013 Gallarate; or  by sending an email to